About us

Our history began more than thirty years ago when, as one of the first private studios in Poland, we began an adventure in film and television production that continues to this day. Since then, the MASTER FILM studios have been producing high-quality studies of Polish and foreign-language versions of film, television and radio productions, as well as those created for the ever-growing multimedia market.

We are particularly proud of the original soundtracks created in our studios and of our collaborations on projects such as Agnieszka Holland’s Oscar-nominated film “In Darkness.”

We specialize in dubbing, voice-over, audiodescription, as well as subtitling and subtitling for the hearing impaired. We treat each production with equal commitment, always taking care of the best possible outcome of our work.

We have eleven recording and editing studios and a group of production engineers with many years of experience, with the highest professional qualifications. Such production potential allows us to take on ambitious challenges and guarantees the satisfaction of our growing group of customers year after year.

Given the technological changes in the media market, we pay special attention to the latest technical equipment to meet current requirements.

We invite you to read the details of our offer on the following pages and to contact us.