Voice Over

Here we feel like kid in a candy store. We invite the best translators, adaptors and editors and the most exceptional voices to work with us on outstadning versions of audio for films, programmes, series or shows.

  • Polish
  • Foreign language


What we do is the complex audio development of films, shows, programmes and series in form of lip-synch dubbing. We work with artists, the greatest professionals and enthusiasts in their fields which gives us constant and mutual inspiration.

  • Cinema
  • Tv
  • Other


Subtitling has no secrets from us, technical intricacies, formal and literary challenges are our daily bread, we do it well and efficiently in a team of enthusiasts and true professionals.

  • Polish
  • Foreign language


  • Subtitles for the deaf
  • Audiodescription
  • Audiobooks
  • Audioguids
  • Commercials, spots and jingles
  • Sound design of computer games
  • Website soundproofing
  • Onboard announcements
  • Dolby E, LTRT, AC3 encoding